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Monday, 3 March 2014

5 Useful Cycling Apps

Now we all know certain types of apps are common and known to make the user’s day a little brighter.

Cycling apps offer a similar, marginal boost to the less superhuman cyclist, enriching the experience of cycling without ever detracting from the essence of this traditional pursuit.

Five handy apps which could enrich your cycling experiences!

1. Strava – This app allows you to track all your rides, collecting data on your route, speed and distance covered using your smartphone’s in-built GPS. This makes Strava a great tool for those in training who are looking to analyse their own performance, whilst the ability to compare your performances with friends adds a compelling layer of competition into the equation. 
Install Strava for Android here & iPhone here

2. Bike Repair – This extraordinarily useful app is a best friend to all those of us who are guilty of an incomplete mechanical knowledge of our bikes (i.e. nearly all of us). Bike Repair features a comprehensive array of repair guides, ensuring all emergencies or minor repair jobs are accounted for.
Install Bike Repair for Android here & iPhone here

3. Bike Hub – Designed for rides up to 100 miles, BikeHub is essentially a sat-nav for your smartphone. The app helps you find the quickest or quietest routes from one location to another by bike. BikeHub also has a handy feature to locate your nearest bike shop, useful if you suffer a mechanical while out on a ride in an unfamiliar area. Price: Free, Compatible with both iPhone and Android.
Install  Bike Hub for Android here & iPhone here

4. Cycle Hire – Never again will you face an arduous search for a cycle hire shop again... unless you live in the wrong part of the UK. This app comes with a London map pre-loaded, making it ideally suited for visitors to the capital. 
Instal Cycle Hire for Android here, Pay version here & Barclays Cycle Hire for iPhone here

5. Fill that Hole – Here’s your chance to join in the fight to eradicate that great bane of all cyclists, the pothole. This app allows users to inform on any pot holes they encounter on their travels. Simply enter the details, then the app will on the information to the relevant authorities. Developed by CTC.
Install Fill that Hole for iPhone here For Android coming soon!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Our Challenge Is - We Want To Get More People Cycling

Our network challenge: 

In 2014 we are taking steps to get more people in the UK to take their first steps to becoming a cyclist. 
By encourage people, who don't currently cycle, to have fun and give cycling a go.

By providing special offers:

  • Discount on cycle maintenance checks, targeted at people who've got old bikes that they haven't ridden in a while. Available at Dr Bike sessions found at schools & Council workplaces, bike clinics and at local events throughout 2014
  • Special bike deals for people who do not yet own a bike or whose old bike is worn out beyond economical repair. 
  • PX or recycle your old unwanted bicycle when buying new and we will send it to our partner (Thomley Activity Centre a recreational facility for disabled children, their families, friends, schools and groups) 
Free advice:
  • Helping those new to cycling choose the right bike for their needs.
  • Free bike to rider setup and shown how to use the gears with every new bike sale. 
  • Cycle paths from Sustransfind and plain a cycle route 
  • Cycle skills training at Wycombe Bicycle Training, book a skills course or Bikeability to get the skills and confidence to ride your bike on today's roads.
Where to find more information:
  • What to know before buying a new bike. View article HERE
  • Finding a bicycle on ebay. View article HERE
  • Our range of new bicycles www.superiorbikes.co.uk
  • We can even supply electric bikes
Get Cycling: 
  • Bike Events makes cycling enjoyable for everyone. UK's biggest organiser of fundraising and recreational cycle rides.
  • BIG Pedal
    Running this year from March 3rd to 14th, the Big Pedal is a nationwide competition between schools where pupils are encouraged to cycle instead of being driven into school.
    To register your school: Visit The BIG Pedal Website

    Encouraging kids to cycle on new safe bikes
    Cycle Tech UK can team up with your school and give discount on new bikes and offer Payment Club; Where we put aside your new bicycle and you pay a small deposit and a weekly payment with no interest to pay. This is open to children and their parents whose schools participate. Offer Ends August 2014
    Every sale includes Home setup where possible and recommendations how best to take care of your new bicycle, for years of safe & enjoyable cycling your children will remember. Read more....................
Martin Wilkins founder of Cycle Tech UK
For enquires please email: sales@superiorbikes.co.uk or call Martin 07739614579

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XC 809 Lightweight, entry level 29er, MTB with great spec for only £524.99

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Cross Sport Hybrids RX 520 & Ladies Specific Frame Only £349.99

Road bikes from £749.99

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Approved Cycle Assembly Network of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics

Our Network of Approved Mobile Bicycle Mechanics, that can assembly or service any *cycle & eBike, giving continuous backup and service support including dealing with any warranty issues. As our unique mobile service centers, deal direct with customer face to face. 

Online bike sales are a steady stream of business for us:
Our network needs more mobile bicycle mechanic businesses to give full national coverage, to help support in this ever growing business of sales of bikes online.
It's FREE to be added to our data base for approved cycle assembly group of mobile mechanics.
For National strength & local service; for those who want their mobile bike business to be found on the Internet. You will be added to our Map & Postcode search Then our corporate business partners and customers looking for a mobile mechanic in your area are directed to you.

Please click here to see more and what business details are required to be added to our network data base.
  • With the growth of bicycle sales on-line, we can offer our mobile support, that look's after customer’s needs, to make sure they recommend you to others. Our Mobile Cooperation understands these issues and can put work your way as associate service partner.
  • With more customers finding bargains online or buying via the cycle to work scheme, we find our services are called upon to carry out PDI's or due to unskilled assembly from the likes of Halfords, where customers have no faith in assembly but know Halfords offer connivance and great prices!   
  • Our network recommends every bike should undergo a PDI, with a little time spent with the customer to set them up, show them the gears and any cycling related issues.
  • Our network can deal with any warranty issues direct with the customer.
  • Our network can carry out any service or repair work direct though the online retailer or the customer, who then can claim money back via; "with the online retailer's approval".  
  • Online retailers and independent customers can tap into our established UK network of approved qualified/experienced mechanics, via our Map, postcode search or by filling out a online enquiry and then we direct them to their nearest mobile mechanic. 

Contact us to talk about how this unique services are already directing work to mobile bicycle business.
Call us on 07739614579 or email martin@cycle-tech.co.uk

Cycle Tech UK operate under our own brand but we are happy to provide services for other brands. Read more here...........

Please see the map below to view our coverage

View Mobile bicycle mechanic in a larger map

*Cycle Tech UK Mechanics do NOT assemble bikes from; Supermarkets or Catalogue Company’s. (Argos, Asda, Tesco or Little Woods type companies)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Business Directory

Welcome To Cyclefix.net established in April 2009

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics that offer a unique business, a great friendly service that conveniently comes to you.

Cycle Tech UK Team at The Chiltern 100 Cycle Event

To add your business details to our network, contact me NOW! martin@cycle-tech.co.uk 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Business Opportunity London

In the world of “I’m too busy to do that” these services have no doubt become more common place.

Quite a few people are less likely to use the bike shop in London, as they are becoming more aware of this service. In favor of opting to have repairs done in the comfort of their own home. For that matter it doesn't have to be at home. It could be anywhere. You simply call, email or text the mobile bike repair company and they come to you. This not only saves you time, you can also talk directly with the mechanic working on your bike and see what work needs to be carried along with good cycling advice.

You can see the number of cyclists commuting in London and the number will sure continue to increase even more so with the increase cost of travelling by rail.

Cycle Tech UK is looking for like mined mechanics to help start their mobile bike business across London and join the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the UK.

For more info please read our Blog starting your own mobile bike business.
You can also contact martin@cycle-tech.co.uk for a information pack

Friday, 5 August 2011

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Manchester

Fix Bike Go
Web: www.fixbikego.co.uk
Email: mailto:info@fixbikego.com

Fix Bike Go will come to your home or place of work offering you a convenient, friendly, personal service at an affordable price and get you cycling again 07789021860

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mobile Bicycle Repairs Purley

Pedal Medic
07951 048 556
Web: www.pedalmedic.com
Email: tony@pedalmedic.com
About: Mobile Cycle Repair
Locations:  Purley in South London